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Say It Again (Single)

01. Say It Again 0:0

About The Release

Released on November 25 2019 for a 7″ limited vinyl release for Fearless Records.

Label: Fearless Records
Release Date: 25/11/2019


Say It Again

I know you know you're lost
And ready to go home at any cost
For all your places roamed
All you've found is loss
And now you feel like everything is gone
Too far away
And further still with every step you take
I know you'll be okay
You'll bend and if you break
You've got everything it takes
Say it again, what you're waiting for
Sing a little louder, let's be honest
All this talk about something more
Doesn't have to be a broken promise
You are here and I am here with you
(Say it again, what you're waiting for)
Say it again, what you're waiting for
You'll fall, you'll get back up
Show your face to this defeat with your chin up
And in every move you make, you will leave it in the wake
Embrace the real, forget the fake
So say it again, what you're waiting…

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